Highs And Lows Of The Week #38

Just a super quick post tonight guys coming to you from Melbourne.

Just a super quick post tonight guys coming to you from Melbourne. I’m here for Labour Day weekend which has already satisfied my travel craving for a little bit. It’s a super nice day here and I want to make the most of the sun while I can. Can you tell I’m desperate for a proper length holiday? I can. Anyway, on with the post so I can get back to tanning.


  • Well my first one has to be the obvious: I’m in Melbourne visiting family and it’s just too good. Too good because it reminds me that I still want to move back to Aus, and too good because of the weather. While I like living in Auckland it has never been my forever place. Australia, I think you just might be it.
  • Citizen Park in Kingsland is my new favourite place. The burger there was so good and it’s a great place for people watching on a Saturday. It’s only 10 minutes away from where I live and I can’t believe I’d never been until now – thanks Kara!
  • As you all know I’ve been having mini-panics about life, career etc. AKA my quarter life crisis. This week I really had a bad day which was quickly turned around by good company and a very spontaneous night of activities. I don’t know, it just reminded me to enjoy the days as they come instead of worrying about what direction you’re heading in.
  • Mango’s are back in season (at least in Aus) and fuck me, they’re good.
  • We’ve been playing tennis all afternoon and I forgot about much fun it is. If you’re looking to fill in some time I’d totally recommend getting a group of friends, rackets and some beers together under the sun.
  • I got my hair done last weekend and I love it. It’s a huge change but just in time for summer. Check out my before/after photos here if you’re curious.
  • Music: Make Me Go – Tyler Thomas, Zanzibar – Kamaliza, Make Me Feel – Fizzy Milk, Walk Away – Kaleem Taylor
  • Making new friends completely outside of your friend group.
  • Okay guys, I totally get the Victoria’s Secret underwear hype now. I’ve been desperate for some new underwear so I stocked up at VS and they’re so much better and cheaper than any I’ve seen in New Zealand.



  • I only have a day left here – boo.
  • I’m really getting over this anxiety that comes with my quarter life crisis.
  • Such a first world problem but I have a couple of things coming up and I can’t find anything to wear to them. Literally went shopping all day yesterday trying to find something but everything I liked in my size was sold out.
  • I really want to book a holiday but it’s so hard to find a good time to take work off. Being an adult is hard sometimes, ya know?
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