Highs And Lows Of The Week #39

Netflix and Ubereats sums up my Sunday afternoon. This week has been really hectic so it feels nice to be able to take a minute to relax.

Netflix and Ubereats sums up my Sunday afternoon. This week has been really hectic so it feels nice to be able to take a minute to relax. Speaking of – I’m going to cut this intro short since we all know the good stuff is below. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!




  • VIP Taylor Swift concert tickets! If you didn’t catch my Instagram story I got my VIP  box in the mail and it’s ridiculously cool. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more about it this week.
  • For Halloween on Wednesday my friends and I took a trip out to Spookers. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a haunted house with different scary attractions within. Definitely a fun one for Halloween – everyone was shit scared.
  • I got the most beautiful products in the mail from Tom Ford and I can’t wait to try them out! Honestly, I kind of don’t want to touch them they’re so perfect right now.
  • Caramel waffles from The Chocolate Boutique in Parnell are actually amazing. I had to work on Saturday so I cut my night short with friends to go get them with my best friend and I highly recommend. Plus the chats with her – always a highlight.
  • Lula’s Inn is such a beautiful (and Instagram friendly) location for drinks and nibbles after work. So nice being able to sit outside in the sun. Plus the interiors are so pretty.
  • Went to a Halloween party last night and caught up with some school friends. I always forget how much we’ve gone through together and it’s cool to be able to reminisce about all the ridiculous stuff we’ve done, especially since we’ve gone years without seeing each other at times.
  • I bought the Hansel & Gretel Emmy skirt and I’m obsessed. Honestly, you can’t stop me buying satin skirts at the moment.
  • Music: Over Again – Hein Cooper, Pretty Little Fears – 6lack, New Level – MihTy, Soaked – Bene, Broke My Rules – PYOR





  • Honestly, the luck I have sometimes is ridiculous. Also just completely embarrassed myself in one of the most cringeworthy ways and I can’t even type it it’s so bad.
  • Wanting what you can’t have.
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