Highs And Lows Of The Week #40

Who can believe another week is done and dusted? I’ve spent all day today trying to catch up on sleep since it feels like I don’t really anymore


Who can believe another week is done and dusted? I’ve spent all day today trying to catch up on sleep since it feels like I don’t really anymore. I’m telling you right now, being social is hard work. I feel like I’ve had a party/birthday/show on every Friday and Saturday for the past three weeks and it’s not slowing down. I really shouldn’t be complaining – I’ve been having a lot of fun. Moving back to Auckland has definitely been the best choice I’ve made in a while.



  • I had two friends that desperately wanted to go to Taylor Swift so I gifted my tickets to them and it sounded amazing! Sometimes it’s just nice to give back to the people who have helped you so much AKA taken a shit load of my blog photos.
  • Instead of going to Taylor Swift, I attended the AUT Rookie fashion graduate show. I haven’t been to a graduate show in such a long time but it was amazing – so many awesome pieces. I honestly have no idea where talent like that comes from. If you get a chance to go to any fashion graduate show I’d recommend. They always put on a good night. Plus the beers and chats with friends after were great.
  • I was having a pretty average week this week so I went hard on the podcasts at work. This American Life’s Rom-Com episode was a good pick me up and honestly, one of the stories is so ridiculous you have to listen!
  • Yesterday my flatmates and I went to the Lula Inn’s Bottomless Brunch for Amanda’s birthday and can I say, you definitely get your moneys worth! It’s around $44 for the meal and drinks which you have 2 hours to enjoy. The food was really good, the drinks were free-flowing and the weather was so hot. Plus, I adopted a lot of new friends while I was there which was fun.
  • I’ve been watching the second season of The Sinner on Netflix and it’s SO GOOD. I’ve also caught up on How To Get Away With Murder which is always one I default to when I have nothing else.
  • I got this new gold silk dress from Kenzie Silk and I was kindly given a discount code for you guys – use the code ‘KENDRA25’ to get $25 off your first order.
  • Music: Bad (Remix) – Rihanna, Drink About – Seeb, Yeah Right – Joji, Make Me Feel – Aristo G, Way – Paris Lain




  • Being excluded.
  • My Christmas plans went out the window this week so now I have no idea what I’ll be doing. So many options but it means I won’t be seeing the whole family anymore – boo. Highs-Lows-Stoleninspiration.com-NZ-Fashion-Lifestyle-BloggerHighs-Lows-Stoleninspiration.com-NZ-Fashion-Lifestyle-Blogger



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