Highs & Lows Of The Week #5

This week I arrived in Korea and it’s hard to imagine I came from Queenstown, to this.


I always like sitting down and writing my weekly highs and lows, even if it’s just to remind me what I’ve been up to. Today though, I’m sick in bed with the flu so this one is going to be a quick one. Who would have thought the flu could have such an impact on you? I definitely haven’t experienced this in a long time.

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  • Made it safely to Geoje in South Korea. After travelling more than a day, airport after airport, there’s nothing like arriving and NOT being at a hostel. Seriously, backpacking has definitely lost its appeal to me at the moment. Anyway, I’m staying here with family friends and I think it’s the craziest and best move I’ve made in a while. Why live a boring life when you can live an unpredictable one?
  • I’m this months guest blogger at Blog and the City (see banner above). If you’re looking for some awesome blogs from all around the world you have to give them all a look, especially Sophia’s blog Tao Of Sophia!
  • I forgot how interesting different cultures can be. From water parks, to high-rise apartments surrounded by forest – South Korea is far from what I expected. I’ll definitely take my camera out one of these days to show you properly but this last week has been about me adjusting.
  • Family friends that feel like your family.

Outfit Of The Week

  • If you need a cut/colour in Arrowtown go to Arrowtown Hair Co. – they’re the best!
  • The Good Wife on Netflix. I needed a new series to download for my flights and I stumbled on to The Good Wife which I’ve really been enjoying. It’s based around a law firm, so if you’re into that kind of drama you’ll like this.
  • Catching up with Sammykins on Facetime all the way in Aus. How good is Facetime? It’s like I’m 5 minutes away. I don’t know why I haven’t used it more before!?
  • Hanging out in Queenstown with my brother before I left. I’ll always associate winter with Queenstown and I love it.
  • I hit 10k on Instagram – thanks for the love everyone! If you’d like to follow me you can find me here @kendraalexandra

NZ Travel Fashion Blog | StolenInspiration.com 4

NZ Travel Fashion Blog | StolenInspiration.com 4 NZ Travel Fashion Blog | StolenInspiration.com


  • How people can really change when it doesn’t suit them in a situation – turning just like that. I don’t get it. Plus, do you notice that people who complain often about how life is unfair to them it’s mostly their own fault?
  • I think this is kind of a highlight, but I just value true friendship so much more now. I’ve been placed in situations that are friendly but not ideal and you realise no matter where you are in the world – people make the place. It’s important to hold on to those people who just get you (and talk about more than money and followers, ugh).
  • Goodbyes are the hardest. I said goodbye to my home of over 23 years. The best place in the world in my opinion.

NZ Travel Fashion Blog | StolenInspiration.com 4

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