Highs And Lows Of The Week #51

A lot has gone on this week. From PR packages, to food and friends – there’s a lot here I need to fill you in on. Oh, and I moved!

After what feels like the longest day in history, I’m finally home and ready to write this post. I’ve been up since 5:30am (I was staying at my friends that had to go to work) moving into my new room. One of my roommates just moved out so I thought it would be good to snap up her room for a change of scenery. Even with a slightly different view everything seems new. New season, new outlook – ya know?


  • Like I said, even changing rooms makes everything seem different, exciting.
  • On Thursday I was invited to see the new Glassons AW19 collections and guys, there are so many affordable pieces you need to check out for the warmer months. I got a baby cord shirt and striped skirt that I’ve already worn twice. So, so good.
  • I was featured on the front of the USA Cotton On site which was very cool, kind of surreal! Especially since it was just casual photos my friend and I took one day after work, haha.
  • I attended the Soul Bar & Bistro launch of their March Rosé Month where you can get special pink cocktails and some yummy wines on offer. I have no idea what was in the pink cocktail I had (pictured) but it tasted delicious!
  • After I finished moving Jamiela and I headed down to Crumb which is quickly becoming our go-to coffee stop. Got a cold brew coffee and a crunchie custard doughnut with absolutely no regrets – yuuuum. 
  • Last night I stayed at my friend Grace’s house, got take aways and watched ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ which has to be the highlight of my weekend. It has actually been so nice to A. not be hung over and B. get to spend some quality time since I barely see her. Plus, she helped move my bed like a champ.
  • Had breakfast at Dizengoff Cafe in Ponsonby and I forgot how good their mushrooms. Honestly, it’s a must-try for me.
  • So many exciting new things I got sent this week including; COMB hair oil, Hourglass vanish seamless finish liquid foundation & foundation brush and a beautiful Penny & Bennett robe. I’m so thankful to get given such gorgeous things, but also to be able to review them for you all, so thank you!
  • On that note: Mecca has so many amazing new releases and I also bought myself another of the Laura Mercier silk creme moisturising photo edition foundation because it’s my fave and I haven’t been able to buy it in NZ until now!
  • Finally got around to watching When Harry Met Sally – loved it.
  • Music: Sunday Vibes – Masego & Medasin, World Of Wonders – Buddy, Bones – Ivy Sole, About Us – Joy.


  • I’m most definitely sick. Was playing it off as allergies but I think it’s all downhill from here.
  • I feel so tired because of said allergies/cold.
  • I have been in such a weird mood all week – kind of like I can’t be bothered with life. You know when everything seems a little bit too hard. Anyway, I think I’m coming out the other side and to be honest, it’s probably just the bad weather.
  • Sometimes friends can just be hard work.


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