Highs & Lows Of The Week #6


I’m currently exploring the streets of Busan and me being the proactive person I am (aka, it’s 11pm the night before I leave) I put together an early highs and lows of the week. I can’t wait to share more photos of South Korea on my blog since I haven’t managed to much yet so I’ll definitely be snapping up a storm. Plus, I’m leaving my laptop behind so I’ll be having a lot of one on one with my camera. I’ll try to get some more Instagram Stories going since I find myself watching them more and more these days.


  • Currently I’m in Busan and I can’t tell you how much Korea is growing on me. It’s strange because I had zero expectations and I kind of really like it here. I guess you can’t be let down without expectations?
  • Sanpellegrino Lemonade, the perfect drink for a sick person. I’ve inhaled these this past week since I’ve fallen victim to the ‘Korea Sickness’
  • This song and this song. Back on the SoundCloud train, think I might have to go premium. PLUS, Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane – Fetish.
  • Sonya Esman on tumblr. I could scroll through her feed for ever. It’s more an artistic feed than aesthetics, so I find myself getting lost in thought over it.
  • I’m looking up places to stay in Bali because I think I might stop over there on my way home. How beautiful are the villas!? If you have any recommendations of where to stay I’d love to here them!
  • My Aunt found the book “Money and Mindfulness” by Lisa Messenger in my Mum’s bookshelf (which she probably didn’t even know she owned) and insisted I read it. So I am. It’s by the women who started The Collective Magazine. I’m undecided on it, but I’m reading it, so there’s that too. Yay to reading, right?
  • The skin care here! OMFG. Korean’s really know how to look after their skin… I’m coming home with a boat load of Dr. Jart + which I fully didn’t know was a Korean skin brand. I’ve already tried the Blemish Control mask and LOVED it, especially since my skin always breaks out travelling.
  • This time last week we went to visit this windmill in Geoje and the roads were paved with the most ridiculous hydrangea bushes. As expected, there were a sh*tload of people taking photos in front of them. I don’t blame them though, I’ve never seen anything like it.

?Busan, south korea


  • I seem to have gone from one sickness to another.
  • I hate being out of control of my own situation – it’s such a fucked up thing.
  • Too much sun because I get sunstroke easier than anything.


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