Highs And Lows Of The Week #61

I don’t there’s anything more satisfying than having no plans on a Saturday night. Tonight, I sit here looking back on a hectic week that left me burnt out.

I don’t there’s anything more satisfying than having no plans on a Saturday night. The weather today has forced me to spend the time I needed to organising my life. From booking AirBnB’s for my upcoming trip to tackling my pile of hand washing – today has been the breather I’ve needed. Lately, I’ve been on a repetitive cycle of overload myself to crash and burn. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know how to just be okay with doing nothing. So tonight I’m going to force myself so I can finally get a normal amount of sleep. Wish me luck…


  • Last night I finally watched Booksmart, the new coming of age movie on Netflix. I thought it was very clever and not as P.C. as most movies seem to be these days. An easy Friday night watch for sure!
  • I got to see my Dad the other day out at the airport before he flew overseas. Like I said in my previous blog post, my family grounds me. I could tell the latest crash wasn’t far off so this visit came at such a good time. It’s so good to hear another perspective and one that comes from unconditional love. It’s such a damn rare thing as you get older. Also, the pasta was fucking great.
  • After playing tug-o-war with my freelancing the last couple of months I think things are finally coming together. It’s so discouraging being promised work that never pulls through. This week definitely turned that right around.
  • Music, similar to smell, brings back so many memories for me. Sometimes when I’m feeling lost I like to revisit old music. It kind of reminds me that I’ve felt this way before and I will again. This song has been on repeat all afternoon and this. Reminds me of everything 2014. I used to listen to a lot of trap music.
  • My skin has been going crazy the past month or so and I finally have switched up my routine which seems to be working. I have been loving the Blue Tansy – AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask which has AHA & BHAs AKA my favourite skin clearing ingredients. This, and using Sunday Riley Martian Toner has already made quite the difference.
  • I’ve told anyone who wants to listen that the Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops are amazing for tanning your face naturally.



  • Like I said, mid-week meltdown, hello. Jokes, not really a meltdown but I actually can’t sleep right now. Boo.
  • I can’t decide on what to eat for dinner and this might not seem like a big deal but it’s already 9 pm. Send help.
  • Guys really know how to make you feel crazy even when you’re not wrong.


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