Highs And Lows Of The Week #66

This will be my last highs and lows for a while unless by some miracle I remember to write them while I’m away. Here’s what’s new this week…


This will be my last highs and lows for a while unless by some miracle I remember to write them while I’m away. I’m currently lying in bed sick, but at least it’s terrible weather outside so I feel less guilty. Oh hey, the joys of winter. Okay okay, I’ll stop complaining now – especially since it’s less than a week before I’ll be in 40-degree weather. YES WE GET IT YOU’RE GOING ON HOLIDAY, sorry not sorry. Can’t wait to spam you all on IG stories…

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  • FINALLY feeling organised and on top of my workload. I don’t think I have much else to do this week except one meeting and then I’m awayyy…
  • I got my hair done again this week and ugh, I don’t think I’ve ever had a hairdresser this good. 100% would recommend Sam at Stephen Marr in Ponsonby – I’m never disappointed.
  • I was struggling with what skincare to pack while I’m away since I don’t have a lot of room but I got the Syrene Travel Companion pack which has a little bit of everything you need. My skin has been so much better this past week so I’m hoping this keeps it nice and hydrated while I’m away.
  • I love sitting in bed when it’s pouring outside.
  • Thirsty Thursday was so satisfying this week. Maybe it’s because I’ve driven myself crazy with freelance work, maybe I just needed someone to inflate my ego. Either way, all was fulfilled the other night and if that was the catalyst to me getting a cold, it was worth it.
  • I rented this new Zimmermann set from Designer Wardrobe which is beautiful. I’m so obsessed with the cinched top, it’s so flattering and easy to wear with jeans. I want to take it with me but it’s definitely not 40 degree weather friendly. Can we say sweaty!?
  • I’ve been really into Crime Junkie podcast lately when I’m bored at work. The girls that do the podcast don’t get too deep into each crime and mix it between mysteries, theories and murders so it’s kind of work-friendly. Podcasts honestly give me life when I’m editing for hours at a time.
  • Music: One Way – 6lack, That Far – 6lack, U Say (feat. 6lack) – The Bonfyre, Don’t Let Me Down – Sabrina Claudio vs. Devault Remix, Ballin – Parisalexa
  • So I’m in the middle of packing (so much makeup, so little time to experiment) and I stumbled upon The Man Repeller article “Unconventional Life Hack: Pack Your Suitcase Irresponsibly” and it’s made me feel a lot better about what I’ve got.

Highs-Lows-StolenInspiration.com-NZ-Fashion-Blog Highs-Lows-StolenInspiration.com-NZ-Fashion-Blog


  • As I said I’m currently lying here, feeling sorry for myself sick in bed. These are the days when I’m jealous of those who live close to their family or have significant others. All I want is snuggles. Send help.
  • I think I’m all out of Feijoa Sorbet from Kapiti Ice Cream and you know, that’s the sole reason I feel less shit now.
  • I’m in that mood where no music sounds good and it’s more frustrating that my sickness.

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