Highs And Lows Of The Week #67

It feels so weird to be back and writing posts again, I haven’t written anything for the past month. Here’s how my week has gone…

It feels so weird to be back and writing posts again, I haven’t written anything for the past month. I have to admit, it feels almost unnatural. I guess you could say I’ve really enjoyed being disconnected from my life in New Zealand for a hot minute. Plus, roaming around Europe and America with absolutely no responsibilities except my own happiness was bliss. Sorry blog, I love you but we needed a break.

My jetlag has been pretty good this time around so I’ve been productive this week. Guys, I even managed to unpack my bag before the week ended – absolutely unheard of. As for my makeup, that’s a whole other story. I came back to a heap of lovely packages though so I have some new favourites to share. I’m about to run out the door for dinner with a friend so let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?


  • Highlight of my week: Sam being back in town! After not seeing her since I left her 3 years ago in Belgium it was sooo good to catch you. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard all year.
  • On that note, we went to Dear Jervois for breakfast this morning and the waffles are a must! Covered in yummy fruit and syrup it was obviously a dish I was going to love.
  • I got a package from Tarte while I was away which has just launched at Sephora in New Zealand. Their products were always what I looked out for while on holiday, so I was so excited to get this when I arrived back. So far I love the Shape Tape Contour ConcealerAmazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed and Tarteist™ Pro Remix Double Take Eyeliner.
  • Maybe it’s the jetlag but I’ve had such a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude this week. I’m enjoying it.
  • Finally made it to HI-SO bar in the CBD for rooftop drinks with everyone from work. That place is going to be a go-to during summer, it’s such a nice spot. Plus, the bartender makes the best cocktails.
  • I was so tired yesterday morning after the work party that I spent it watching Shane Dawson in bed. Love his series about Jeffrey Star.
  • Even though I feel kind of tired and delirious, I’ve come back all inspired to work harder.
  • Music: Something More – J Ember, The Fruits – Col3trane, Just Slide – Harry Hudson & Jaden, Want U Back – Spencer., Little Things – Vasser



  • You know when you just CBF with anything? That’s me. I’ve been so blunt and ya know, I don’t even care. Apparently, I’m now inspired to also give absolutely no fucks.
  • On that note: when you’re annoyed with someone but you haven’t been able to talk it out with them so you just pick fights left, right and center. Sorry, not sorry.

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