Highs And Lows Of The Week #71

Daylight savings, you are the best present September brought me. This is a few weeks worth of highs & lows since I have been so behind.. opps.

Highs and Lows - www.stoleninspiration.com - NZ Lifestyle Blog
Daylight savings, you are the best present September brought me. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been craving summer and this is the point of no return – warmer days are to come people! I’m 100% a night person, so the fact that we’re about to have sunlight until late is my idea of a dream. Picture me on my deck, cheese platters and a whole lot of wine. Summer, you’re going to be a damn good one this year I can already tell.

On that note: I’ve been so busy the last couple of Sundays that this is my first highs and lows for a little bit. Sorry about that! Sometimes you just need a break from reviewing your life, which really puts people, events, and problems at the forefront of my mind at times when I just want to forget. AKA on a Sunday evening when I’m mentally preparing myself to go back to work the next day. I’m making it up to you today with a mix of highs and lows from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Highs and Lows - www.stoleninspiration.com - NZ Lifestyle BlogHighs and Lows - www.stoleninspiration.com - NZ Lifestyle Blog


  • I’m writing this outside in the sun, what a dream.
  • Jamiela and I made the best platter and our “best friend” staycation the other weekend. Honestly, I think I’m just going to live off cheese for the next month.
  • Caramilk chocolate is back. I repeat, Caramilk chocolate is back. Why is this even a limited edition thing?
  • Annabelle’s in Ponsonby is the perfect spot of a chilly night to grab a drink with the girls. I FINALLY caught up with Sophie there post our travelling, and we had such a nice cheese platter and wine. Plus, FIG JAM – I’m a little too obsessed with at the moment.
  • Catching up with my friend Abbie. She’s always a lovely reminder that no matter where you are in the world, you can stay as g
  • I’ve very late to the party but I finally got around to binging Fleabag. If you haven’t caught much of the Emmy buzz, this show is a must-watch – all about life, love, misery and is full of dry humour.
  • Also, I finally finished the latest season of Big Little Lies and it didn’t disappoint. I was curious as to how they were going to back up the first, but I think they did a great job in not pushing the storyline to be unbelievable.
  • Last night a group of friends and I watched caught the Japan vs. Ireland Rugby World Cup game down at the Fish Markets. It’s such a cool place to watch it because there’s heaps of room for everyone, they have multiple screens and obviously, a selection of different food and drink vendors for you to enjoy. The atmosphere was just really cool.
  • I bought a couple of Ecoya candles I’d had my eye on for a while and the risk paid off (I didn’t smell them first). Summer Cherries and Peach is a sweet fruity (duh) scent, and the Caramelised Walnut and Amber candle is warm and homely. Is there anything better than new candles? I don’t think so.
  • Deco Eatery in Titirangi is a must if you’re out that way! It’s Turkish inspired which you know I can’t get enough of after my trip there. The French Toast is a must, and the Creamy Truffle Mushrooms which is less on the creamy side with a hint of chili. You also need to take a piece of Baklava with you, because, you just have to. Yum.
  • The past couple of weeks I’ve really taken a step back from saying yes to everything, and just enjoyed making plans with the people that bring joy to my life. The drama, the bullshit and generally, not clicking with people can be so draining. I consciously made a decision to stop investing my time into it and it has made me feel so much happier. Sometimes it’s just good to do a bit of a mental spring clean checklist and ask yourself – “is it really worth your time?”
  • Change is in the air.
  • Coconut caramel slice from Newbie is melt in your mouth pleasure. Too much? Never enough I say.
  • Music: Been A While – 6lack, Pops – THEY., Promises (Delusion Remix) – Ben Esser, Bella – Bryce Vine, Skin – Dijon

Highs and Lows - www.stoleninspiration.com - NZ Lifestyle Blog Highs and Lows - www.stoleninspiration.com - NZ Lifestyle Blog


  • DRAINING PEOPLE. Also, those that don’t read the situation very well.
  • It’s so hard to save in Auckland – like, I’m struggling. All I need is a car. A gym membership. Some flights home and a holiday. OKAY bank account, why you stop me?
  • Every time I’ve gone to Saint Alice so far they’ve forgotten our order. It’s not that busy, surely you can remember to pour a glass of wine?
  • It’s interesting to me when people can’t see the bad friendship they’ve got themselves into. And you’re just sitting there watching it all unfold. I guess everything in hindsight, right?

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