Highs & Lows Of The Week #9

Missing NZFW this week to enjoy a little relaxation in South Korea. Joking, there’s no way I would have been back in time, but I have been up to this..

Coming to you from Jeju, an island off the coast of South Korea. We came here for a weekend trip away and it’s been refreshing to see another part of the country. I’m living on another small island and I have to say, I feel like I’ve seen all there is to see already. Jeju on the other hand is a ‘holiday spot’ to love. There is enough blue water and *ahem* interesting parks to keep me busy. I guess life can become mundane anywhere, huh?

?Geoje-si, SOUTH KOREA



  • Jeju is a cool little island so far. I find it interesting how different parts of Korea can be from each other. It’s cool to see something for what it is, rather than having a tainted outlook from the recent news stories.
  • Loveland because, just because. If you haven’t heard of it you need to give it a search. It’s this sculpture park here in Jeju all about sex – it’s not PG to say the least.
  • The Geoje lookout (seen in the picture above). You can see out to islands that resemble Halong Bay in Vietnam on a giant board walk. This is one of the many hidden gems around the place, hidden amongst the chaos. You can really tell the contrast in the landscapes from the below photos.
  • I hear Häagen-Daz is coming to New Zealand, so on that note: the Elderflower & Blackcurrant limited edition flavoured ice-cream. Holy …. it’s good.
  • I scored these amazing high-waisted jeans in a random shop here the other day that turned out to be the exact ones I was eyeing up in Style Nanda in Seoul. Plus, so much cheaper. Score!
  • Reading in the gazebos they have everywhere here. Picture this: lush green grass, the sound of cicadas and dragonflies in the air. That’s my daily surroundings – it really is ‘authentically Asian’.
  • Music | Long Time – Somme, Too Close – HANA2K, Phobia Orgasma – Oliver Riot, Small Talk – Majid Jordan.

Outfit Of The Week:


  • So obsessed with the ruche trend going on in tops. Such a fashion girl thing because it kind of resembles something my Mum might have worn back in the day. So vintage cute though (see red top above).
  • HAPPY SPRING/SEPTEMBER! and nearly my birthday.


Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog 2

Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog 2

Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog 2

Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog 2


  • What is life. How can this almost be a war zone? Too unreal for me to comprehend.
  • I never get homesick. Like, never. But this week that all changed. When I say that it’s not so much “homesick” it’s just like a craving to go out and see my friends because I’ve been separated from most of them since before I left to travel Europe. Crazy to think how fast time goes these days.
  • Don’t read cheesy romance novels if you’re single. JUST DON’T. There should be a warning on these things. They’re like an annoying friend talking about their amazing relationship on repeat.
  • Missing New Zealand Fashion Week this week because it looks like it’s been a good one. Previous NZFW I’ve been to have been sub-par and pretty pointless as a blogger so I hadn’t given it much thought. Not that I would swap my current situation for that so I guess this is a pointless mention.

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