Highs And Lows Of The Year: 2018

It’s no surprise that I’d want to round up 2018 the best way I know how – with highs and lows. This year has been really different to all the others before it.

It’s no surprise that I’d want to round-up 2018 the best way I know how – with highs and lows. This year has been really different to all the others before it. With less travel, much more work and responsibilities my whole life has shifted. I think it’s safe to say I’ve moved on from my ‘early twenties’ mindset. Gone are the days when I thought moving every month was a good idea because I had no responsibilities.

Fun fact: I actually made a promise to myself this year that I’d give myself a chance to settle a bit. I was sick of leaving my friends every other month, having people come and go in my life and never get to experience anything but surface connections. Plus, running out of money all the time made life way too stressful. While I have had some amazing years of freedom, in 2018 I’ve been focused on enjoying what’s right here in my backyard.

Writing this from Melbourne seems a little ironic, but I go where my family does and luckily for me it’s here. I can’t wait to spend the next few days at the beach, getting a tan and staying offline. My Christmas present to myself this year was a break – from social media, from my online life and the internet. It can be so overwhelming trying to capture the perfect moment and post at the right times, so having this time off has been incredible.

What better way to end the year than with a Highs and Lows of the year post, filled with just that.  One of my favourite things about having a blog is looking back through and seeing how much I’ve achieved throughout the year. Kind of like having a diary – that everyone reads. So here it is, my round-up in no particular order and my last post of the year. Hope you’ve all had an amazing 2018 and bring on 2019!


Top 18 Highs and Lows of 2018


1. My friends. OMG I had missed them. My friends really are my family and I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the best. I REALLY missed them while travelling. Even just being able to pop around after work or to have dinners this year has been a luxury. And unlike a lot of times when I was overseas, my friends here in NZ I can talk to about anything and everything – none of that surface shit.
2. CUT videos – easily some of my favourite videos on the internet. I especially love all the drunk and truth ones, such a good idea for a game I reckon.
3. I actually had so many good times in Central Otago while I was still living at home, especially with Tori. It’s so nice to live close to your school friends – I haven’t since I was at high school and my random year in Dunedin. On that note: I really miss Central Otago. There’s nothing like home after all.
4. The time Maddie came to visit me in Auckland. Maddie and I used to be joint at the hip when we both lived in Dunedin still. Picture every Sunday, hung over in her bed eating spring rolls and sleeping because I’m pretty sure we did that almost every weekend for a full year. It was nice to relive old times and pretty much talk non-stop for a solid 3 days.

5. Going back to Wellington. The trip to Wellington wasn’t completely smooth sailing, but it was so good to relive all my old favourite university hang outs, eat amazing food and catch up with Shelby. Also, getting to do random spontaneous things with like go to a packed BYO and see Drax Project perform made for one of the best weekends.
6. Call Me By Your Name. This movie pulled on all the strings, but I think what I particularly love about it is the Italian scenery. I can’t wait to go back and visit *fingers crossed* next year.
7. DVSN. It’s no surprise to me but according to Spotify Wrapped I listened to DVSN for 28 hours this year. The album Morning After is so damn good though.
8. Flexifare. This I was going to keep a secret because I feel like it’s too good to be true SO don’t go telling too many people. If you fly with Air New Zealand but the flights are really expensive buy the cheapest Flexifare – then wait until midnight to change your flight to a good time for free. Such a good hack, especially when you’re booking last-minute flights.
9. A low of mine this year has been my quarter life crisis. Honestly, this one hit me hard. I think between being unsettled on first arrival in Auckland and making some bad decisions I felt really lost for quite a while. 25 is such a weird age because it’s completely acceptable to be getting married and having kids, yet I still feel like a kid myself. I don’t know, I’m still confused by it but just got to keep on keeping on.
10. This quote tumblr. Just one I like to visit when I’m deep in thought or sad.
11. This year I have realised I get myself into the same situations by making the same mistakes. I fall into old patterns, seek the same bad relationships to avoid commitment and never fully allow myself to let go. In 2019 my resolution is to drop anything that is going to hold me back, even if it’s going to suck because that includes things I like. Catch 22, hello.
12. 2018 was sobering in the way in made me realise how fucking short life is. Experiencing death the way I did this year has made me reevaluate pretty much everything. The way I live, love and what I chose to let into my life. What I care about, how I am motivated and what I want to achieve.
13. I’ve taken full advantage of visiting Melbourne while my Mum is still living there. I came over for Christmas and I can say it came right at the right time. There’s nothing like a little distance from life to make sense of it all.

14. My Favourite Murder. This podcast has gotten me through many hang overs and plane rides this year. I can honestly say I have never been so loyal to a podcast before too.
15. I’ve been so grateful for working with L’Occitane this year. It’s been a pleasure being able to collaborate and support a company that’s so committed to helping and giving back to their community. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to The Sugar Club and they took me there – absolute bliss.
16. On that note: Ubereats, duh. I constantly order the Salmon Donburi from &Sushi on there which I swear I’ve probably spent hundreds on – it’s so bloody good.

17. The Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify is the best invention – I have to listen to it every Monday when it refreshes.

18. You all! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to experience the ridiculous and wonderful things I have been able to so I want to end this by thanking you.

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