I’d Let You Tie Me Up, Buttercup

An offensively bright orange top, a bank account and a whole lot of time to think about where I could have been right now – that’s July 2020.


Bright marigold – not the first colour I would usually gravitate towards but I still find it satisfying to buy something so outlandish. Compared to my Instagram account, my blog remains a pretty colourful place and I enjoy it. It’s like one half of my personality shines here freely, while the other drives me crazy (literally I get OCD about my feed sometimes). The Paris Georgia Charlotte top had been high on my wishlist in the blue, but when I saw this shade during quarantine I bit the bullet and finally ordered it. Risqué title aside, it does remind me a little of the buttercups that used to grow on our orchard.


Paris Georgia Charlotte Top

Atmos & Here Jeans (Similar Here)

KOMONO Sunglasses (Similar Here)

Tony Bianco Heels (Similar Here)


Years ago I vowed to never become the minimalist I am today because I thought it was so boring. As I get older I think it’s more of statement of togetherness – as in I have my shit more together than I ever have before. Or maybe it’s laziness? But with that, 90% of my wardrobe actually matches for once in my life. Year 26 isn’t looking like such a hot mess. Although, after all this time online shopping my 27th may be a little different. There’s something to be said for adding colour into your wardrobe in small doses. It can feel therapeutic to wear colours so bright you are able to capture more than a few side glances down the street. Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time in isolation and am craving attention. Either way, I like this top.


It’s crazy to think about how quickly time has gone. This time last year I was getting ready to fly to Turkey to meet my friend Abbie before our friend Grace’s wedding in England. This year I’m eating pasta at 9pm, debating whether to wash my hair or not tonight, knowing that the furthest place I’ll be going in the next couple of weeks is the beach now that I have a car. Small wins, small losses. At least we are all in the same boat. You can tell other people are feeling it too because the #Europe2019 throwbacks have already begun. Some things in life are still just as predictable.

So while most people are saving for holidays they don’t know when they’ll will be taking, I’ll be here spending my money on random offensive pieces of clothing that won’t make it to Instagram. I’m just hoping the online shopping addiction outgrows my current cravings for chocolate and lollies. Last winter did me no favours, and so this year I’m hoping to come out the other-side relatively unscathed in time for a *fingers crossed* normal pre-2020 summer. A girl can dream – she’s got endless time to right now after all.


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  1. Obsessed with the top! I’m with ya on the addiction of lollies and chocolate btw. But we have to treat ourselves right? …..right?

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