What I’d Wear On A Night Out This Winter

June marks the start of winter which I have not looked forward to. This is how I’m surviving so far…


June marks the start of winter which I have not looked forward to. I am a summer baby for sure and with the sun setting by 5:30 the day feels over before it begins. I can’t wait to hop on a plane out of here next month, but until then you’re just going to have to deal with me whining about the weather. Yesterday we had thunder so strong you could feel it under your feet, so surely that gives me a pass to complain?


Finders Keepers Jada Blazer

Finders Keepers Dreams Mini Dress

Witchery Boots (Similar Here)

Amber Sceats Earrings


Luckily Auckland seems to still be weather confused, so I’ve been able to get some more wear out of outfits like this. I’m obsessed with this combination from Finders Keepers, an Australian label I’ve loved for years, which is perfect to wear from dinner to dance. Blazer dresses have been floating around my Pinterest feed for a while now so I jumped when I saw this one. I also think the built-in belt makes this look so sophisticated when it’s such a lazy girl number. Such an easy way to layer over a dress and still show dat shape girl.

This blazer would love super cool over a turtleneck and pants when it gets colder too. Which to be honest, will probably be next week. I don’t know what it is about the unpredictable weather conditions that drive me a little crazy. That’s where I’m at right now though. Kind of like when you like a guy but they’re playing hot and cold with you. Do you like me, do you not? Can I wear this dress, look good and not be ridiculously cold? It’s basically the same thing. Right?

I think this halter dress is such a staple too. Showing off my back is my number one way to bare some skin without risking a nip slip after too many wines. A couple of weeks ago I wore this combination to my work party and it was a treat. No awkward fashion faux pas and I looked pretty good despite the slurring. I’m notorious for grabbing comfortable clothes when I go out because I don’t want to think about it once I leave the house, and I already know that this one is going to be on heavy rotation this winter.

Now, I’m off to go meet my Dad at the airport for dinner. The thing about living far away from your parents is you try to catch them where you can. One tradition we have is sharing too much wine and reminiscing on the good old times. Sometimes it’s all you need to reset your mind and refresh your perspective. I’ve been so caught up in what I don’t have lately that I’m looking forward to hearing advice from my number fan. I hope you all have a fantastic evening and I’ll check in with you Sunday x


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