• I agree – I need those shorts right now!
    I live in Australia though, so I'm a little worried about the stares I'm going to get haha
    beautiful post x

  • great post! as always! thanks for commenting! i'm following you on bloglovin!

  • oh there's my photo of my crystal collection!!! thanks for stopping by – do say hello?!…

    My CRYSTALISED GIVEAWAY is now open, place your entry in quick! i have a stone just like the purple amethyst one up for grabs!


    x Your Only Blackswan

  • Love the flag shorts too!!!
    Beautiful Crystals!

  • the photos are so inspirational! love the one with the crystals and the sign on the door 🙂

  • lovelovelove

  • rararrararrr the best of inspiration !
    lovely post.

  • Hi there! Thanks for visiting us at SHE! We appreciate it 🙂

    Your blog is lovely! I love that last photo in this post the best. That white top with the chain necklace is so amazing.


  • Love the inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • Again, love everything, and the crystals the most!!

  • I love these photos, and that quote is powerful! Love it.


  • The shorts yes….although is anyone doing are more patriotic version for us kiwi's???? Or is our flag just a little crap to use?

  • i don't know if it's just the picture but the flag shorts look amaazing!
    Haute Californian

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  • love these pictures. so inspirational


  • Ohhh epic series of photos! Hey chick are you heading to nz fashion week? Just trying to generate a blogger meet up 🙂

    Holla back x

  • These are great! Love the melancholy feel to most of these shots. And that last photo is superb! Great sunnies and headscarfs!

  • love the flagshorts! was sooo tempted to get myself the pair from topshop! But now im kinda over the topshop buzz due to the dept store and every supre whore having them. OH chill out.

    Love your blog girl!!! xxx

    bec xx

  • Love your selection! Amazing pictures, all of them!


  • Incredible photos!!
    And the short is so funny!!!


  • looooooove it !!!!!!!

  • Love the last Sportsgirl image, I had it on my blog too. 🙂
    ♥ Sheray.


  • You have a lovely blog. Yoy can get those shorts from topshop. And happy birthday for the other day.

    Sending some blogging Love ♥