In Another Time

I should really enjoy Sunday’s. It’s the only day of the week that I allow myself to do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it – granted, I don’t actually do much on the other six days. I probably should have moved outside of my bedroom though, so here’s a post (finally) so I can say I actually managed to get something done; this weeks highs and lows.Β 

  • Finishing 2/3 exams and being sooo close to holidays
  • Buying new things instead of chocolate to relieve my stress.. I’m looking forward to packages arriving to get me through my last one. Online shopping is so much easier than dragging myself out of my room and to a supermarket
  • Having friends that are equally depressed/lonely/bored as you are, at the same time, with the same problems make the best company and date night
  • Finding new music. It makes my life when I find a whole lot of new music, I’m constantly listening to my Spotify playlist
  • Having a good night out with some of my favourite people
  • Pretty Little Liars and Suits is baaaaack
  • Having one exam left
  • People that mess with your head.. Honestly, I hate how one person can have such an effect on my mood
  • Signing up to the gym two weeks ago and I still haven’t managed to get my ass through the door… not literally
  • Getting almost no sleep last night and it’s past midnight and I’m writing a blog post not from my bed. Boo
  • I have an addiction to stripes and it’s getting out of hand – exhibit A
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