• amazing,
    i wish i had seen this too!

    i love seeing backstage images etc.!

  • Seen this on so many blogs, yet am not bored of seeing it! Looks so, so great! http://fashionbeadarling.blogspot.com/

  • nice pics! love the heavy eyes and nude lips!



  • amazing! love all of these pics! and your blog! xx

  • Very inspring pictures! Thanks!


  • Love backstage pics. Ksubi is a great label! Gorgeous photos xx

  • amazing. i love all the photos. i love seeing models backstage.

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  • amazing shots..i love cristina from SRC783
    great blog http://www.myspineisthebassline.blogspot.com

  • These models all look like angels!

  • I love backstage photos, these look awesome! x

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  • Australian fashion week was really a surprise this season !!

  • this collection of photos is fantastic… 🙂 i love seeing all the behind the scenes shots…

    btw, your blog header is AWESOME!

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    This show and the images from it are so fantastic!

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  • Indeed, this is everywhere, but it's fun seeing it here;-)

  • love the pictures. gives more life to shoes

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  • This post is amazing and I am in love with your blog!
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  • these photos are really wonderful!!!
    love the backstage look
    thanks for sharing as always
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  • i really want those black boots!

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  • Wow!! Those girls so pretty!!! I haven't seen some of them so thank you for posting!! xxoxoxoxoox

  • Gorgeous girls!


  • I adore candid backstage shots – great post!

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  • those photos are so nice, all the models are really pretty, and bambi, she looks gorgeous
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    marley mumbles

  • great pics.

  • No chance at beating them – Such beauties (and great smoky eyes)!

  • Backstage photos are always my favorite!! Thanks for sharing these. Those models are all so stunning.

  • haha, i love this post, no matter how many times i see it!! my undying favorite piccy is the second one… how KICK-ASS are her eyebrows??! gorgeous!
    oh, and you have a lovely blog here, my dear ♥

  • thankyou so much! definitely following and linked you! and i've just made my layout myself kind of by accident, just adding random codes and tweaking the html here and there haha 🙂 oh and yeah, you already know how much i loved this show/photos. ksubi, mark hunter, zippora… all so freakin' amazing!


  • Wow, Eyebrows! I really like the photo of the model with her arms crossed. Like, really like it. 🙂

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  • That first ring is so incredible! I love it! Your blog is excellent, I love all the backstage pics. I can't wait to follow!


  • Your blog is very inspirational too 🙂<3.
    Love the backstage pictures with all the girls sitting, such nice style *_*