lost never found

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Seriously feel like I’m holding back. To afraid to be myself because someone might not like it. Would rather hide in the background..slipping..away. Losing myself in the dark. Failing to inspire anything, anyone. It shouldn’t be, but it’s easier to be this way.

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  • I know the feeling, sweetie! Sometimes we just feel like hiding and vanishing! However, you ARE inspiring, everyone is in their own way! 🙂 Hope you can open your eyes to see it!

    loved the photos, btw!



  • i know the feeling…be brave!

  • Fantastic pictures… Love the first one (:

  • yes, its easier to be that way, but what you feel when you are not like that is worth all the trouble, Cheer up! this comes and goes! You better strike back stronger in a few days or I will send you an email with all the terrible things can happen in just one day to me and I am sure you will cheer up very fast coz life can get pretty bad sometimes at this side of the ocean, 🙂
    but we need to be positive!!!!!

  • Can totally relate to you but that last word image is so true!! I wish I could be that carefree =P

  • Lovely inspiration!
    and it's funny that we are in the same 'state', I have to prepare to move to London, go to uni, work and everything but now that I'm home I would like to sleep for a few months eheh!!


  • ahhh… love the 1st pic…

  • I love these pictures.

  • these pictures are so powerful and inspiring. don't worry, we all feel lost in life sometimes but do what you love, be with people who make you happy, and fuck everyone and everything else. you'll be ok 🙂
    Haute Californian

    u should be proud of yourself!
    dont be afraid of who u are honey!

    thanks for your beautiful words in my blog!

  • coooooooooool post here!

    lovely pics and words!

    kiss dear!


  • oh great pics!! and those words are so inspiring!

  • ahhh such a good series. i love the first photo, the sideways pink sequin shorts image, and the nirimi shot of the girl in the shower. gah, beauty.


  • I think everyone knows the feeling and sometimes it's very hard to handle =) but you have to fight it the best you can and be yourself no matter what. In life there will be always people who love you and will also be people who will dislike you (hate is a strong word) for who you pretend to be so if they dislike you for someone your not then you might aswell make'em dislike you for who you truly are! 😀

    I had been to your blog too and i love it, you have some seriously insane pictures and you should be proud of what you have rolling here !


  • woww i think your blog is very cool!!! perfect love it:-) i followed you already

    thanks for your comment at thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.com

  • The firt photo is absolutely beautiful!

  • love the second photo – wish i could dress like that in summer haha!