March’s Instagram

Stolen Inspiration | Fashion Instagram Posts | KendraalexandraYes, I’ve been a slack blogger once again. I can attribute it to an overload of assignments and my brain not functioning after copious amounts of coffee and no sleep. I mean, you can even tell in what I wrote for my last post. I’m free once again though and just in time for April. As much as the year going fast kind of freaks me out, it means I’m getting closer to the end of uni and to the “real world”. And to acting like an adult. Had to happen some time, right? The photos above are taken from my Instagram which I’ve been more on to this month and I’m planning on posting a lot more of my daily outfits on there since that’s the type of thing I like seeing myself – you can find me at @kendraalexandra. Now, highs and lows of the week..