MM6 Maison Margiela + A Post Holiday Depression Ramble

Today we had torrential rain which is pretty similar to the mood I’ve been in since I arrived back in New Zealand.

Taylor Boutique Auckland x @sophieandreassend | NZ Fashion Blog

Today we had torrential rain which is pretty similar to the mood I’ve been in since I arrived back in New Zealand. I think three weeks on holiday was just enough of a taste tester to let me fantasize about all the different lives I could be living, and not enough to get sick of the constant change. Ya girl moved back to Auckland for a reason after all – one that I keep forgetting on the regular. Queue me looking for my next holiday high. Honestly, you know how you can block yourself from Facebook and other procrastination vices with a Chrome plugin? I need that for every flight deal website.

Wearing: MM6 Masion Margiela via The Shelter

Shot By Sophie Chan Andreassend

The thing about having a full-time job while blogging is it’s like getting a taste of a really good cake, without being able to take a full slice. You have some freedom but only on someone else’s schedule. The thought of full-time blogging has definitely started to appeal to me more than ever now that I’m back. Especially when I see so many friends of mine living out these ridiculous adventures while I’m here, in Auckland, in the aforementioned torrential rain. Both in weather and mood. Made even worse because I was just on holiday with said friends. Blogging would be the best freelance job because you’d actually be just that – free. Of home base at least. It’s something to consider, right?

Luckily for me, I have friends like Soph to keep me reaching for more, right here. She’s such a brilliant photographer, not just in talent but in the way she breezes through her work but she works HARD. I mean come on, just look at these photos! If you’re struggling to keep inspired this winter (like me) I’ve found it’s always best to start right at home. My friends are where I find my best inspiration – from work to handling their daily shit – which is worth so much more than some ‘celebrity struggle story’ in the paper.

Anyway, that’s all that’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been so busy working full time and blogging whenever I get a spare second, I’m kind of gliding by in a daze. Sometimes it scares me that I might look back at this time in my life and be sad I didn’t enjoy it properly. Sometimes I think I’ll look back and consider that I should have quit while I was behind (my own expectations). And then other times I know that if I wasn’t pushing myself to the extremes on the regular, I wouldn’t know how to work hard in every other area of my life when I need to. Family stress, financial struggles and let’s face it, probably marital problems. While our generation might burn themselves out 10x more often than the last, I think we’ve learned some damn good perseverance.


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