New Layout, Who Dis?

Who doesn’t love a blog overhaul? No one that’s who. So much newness on the blog and I can’t wait to share with you my plans for 2018!

Zara Belted Pants, Raye Slides | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 3

Zara Belted Pants, Raye Slides | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 3






Hey guys, did you miss me? If you weren’t aware I took a two-week break from blogging which is possibly the longest in probably about 5 years. Crazy, huh? Well I’m back and so excited to reveal my brand new layout. I mentioned back in January how I had so many goals for 2018 and I feel like I’ve been putting them on hold – until now.

You might not know this but I’ve written a diary for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved writing, so creating a blog was a natural progression from offline into online journaling. Except, I’ve barely done any. I feel like my content has become something more of a photo diary which I occasionally (slash all the time) mention how bad the weather is. Boring? Hell yes. So with the new layout comes better content.

So the plan for 2018 and beyond is here. I really want to share more of my thoughts, more of myself with you all and in return, be able to discuss much more than just the bad weather. I want Stolen Inspiration to become more of a conversation, rather than a stop over on your way back to Instagram. But don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing just as much fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel content as always.

Jumper – Zara

Trousers – Zara

Earrings – Luv AJ

Slides – Raye

Photos By Caitlin Drader


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Zara Belted Pants, Raye Slides | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 3 Zara Belted Pants, Raye Slides | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 3

Speaking of weather – it has been freezing in Auckland lately. I think this year is meant to be the coldest winter on record and it definitely feels like it. In a panic my best friend and I headed to Zara to try find some warmer gear and SUCCESS, this whole outfit is from there.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never really been sure if I could pull of the plaid trouser kind of look. I think I’ve always gravitated towards more feminine colours when dressing and plaid just kind of reminded me of London – grey and dull.

Sorry London, but we all know how depressing your 8 month winters are.

I was surprised to love these pants though and I’ve already worn them to work a bunch. I think they look great with a sweater tucked in, or with a blazer over top. I also think the belt makes it all work since it cinches in your waist so it looks teeny tiny. Win-win.

Anyway, the sun is about to set on another weekend and I still haven’t managed to start my washing. Am I the only one that doesn’t get any chores done until 11pm on Sunday night? In an attempt at being more organised (and by organised I mean eat dinner at a normal hour) I’m going to leave you here. I hope you all like my new layout and I can’t wait to share with you what’s to come!

Zara Belted Pants Raye Slides | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 3



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