New Year, New Wardrobe

Happy 2019! With a new year comes a new craving for clothing..

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Happy 2019! After a much needed social media break I’m back. I can’t wait to start getting suck into work this year. It’s actually so crazy how much I miss it after a while. Think it’s safe to say that I need a routine to stay sane. I haven’t had much time to organise a post after travelling, so here’s what’s on my wishlist.

I actually hadn’t bought many clothes in the lead up to Christmas. With presents and flights to buy my budget was all spent – so I’m excited to finally give the old closet a refresh for the new year. The top of my list is the Paris Georgia Marnie Top because the cut is gorgeous and it would go with everything. Then Nike Air Max ’95 in Black and White, and these boots from Topshop. Can you tell I’m right back into the basics?

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