New Zealand Fashion Week 2019: Maggie Marilyn, Paris Georgia & Benjamin Alexander

I thought I’d share with you my favourites from my top three shows this year: Maggie Marilyn, Paris Georgia, and Benjamin Alexander.

It has been New Zealand Fashion Week here in Auckland and it’s been full-on. I love how much the fashion industry has grown since the first time I came to it back in 2012, and how it’s now open to the public too. This means that so many more people are getting involved and enjoying it, instead of limiting it to the fashion industry peeps like they used to. I actually haven’t gone to many shows this year because *ahem* I work full time. But I made the most of my evening passes and have been keeping up with the shows online.

Since we have some amazing talented designers here in New Zealand, I thought I’d share with you my favourites. These are from my top three pick of shows this year: Maggie Marilyn, Paris Georgia and Benjamin Alexander. I’ve already started saving so I can get my hands on some of this beauty. Ahh, so cool to see young designers paving their way in the international market too!

Maggie Marilyn


Paris Georgia



Benjamin Alexander


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