Orseund Iris

This week on Tuesday I turned 26 and this Orseund Iris outfit would be my ideal birthday suit. What I am actually wearing to the party? Who knows…

There are many kinds of nights that I enjoy and tonight I’m treating myself to a night in. Thirsty Thursday has become a staple in my single girl Auckland lifestyle with many rough Friday’s to follow. Tonight though, I pass my weekly tradition to feed something a little more worthy – my own creativity. It’s been a long time since I have shot, edited and put together a post that isn’t last minute or for a client. Creating just to create is a luxury that I’ve been lacking in my life. So, on this cold sober night that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. And no less than the dream that is Orseund Iris. Before I sound too artsy though – it’s mostly because this weekend is going to be a big one and we all know the blog will be on the backburner once the party gets started.




Orseund Iris Night Out Top in Champagne (Similar Here)

Orseund Iris Gamine Skirt in Off White (Similar Here)

Topshop Hurricane Boots (Similar Here & Here)

Nalin Studio Necklace (Similar Here)

Hoops (Similar Here)

The reason for the party? This week on Tuesday I turned 26. I always find birthdays bittersweet. You know there’s always the love you feel when people make a special effort for you on the day. Then there’s always the disappointment of the people you thought would remember but forgot. Then there’s the weird mix of confusion that runs through my head in a string of questions. That goes something like this “Do I care that I’m older? Holy shit, should I be saving for a house? Is it bad that I’m still single? WTF am I doing with my life!??” and so on.

Tomorrow my friend Tori is flying in to celebrate my birthday properly this weekend and I can’t wait. I have a whole weekend of celebrations planned to get my mind off everything and also, just have a damn good time with my favourite people. It’s been a while since so many of them have lived close to me so I’m taking full advantage of it. On the cards? Lots of dinners, lots of wines and maybe a cheeky tattoo or two. Watch this space though – you’ll be the first to know.

Before I love you and leave you I need to talk about this outfit. THIS OUTFIT THOUGH. I borrowed these pieces from the lovely Designer Wardrobe here in Auckland and oh my, they’re a dream. If I was going to pick an ideal birthday outfit this would definitely be it. I’ve been obsessed with Orseund Iris for a while now, I feel like every piece they make is perfection. Back during fashion week, I jumped at the chance to shoot this outfit but I hadn’t gotten around to seeing the photos until today. Needless to say I’m having outfit envy of myself right now. I’ve since bought a birthday dress, but in an ideal world (and a warmer one) this designer would be on my body at all times.

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