Auckland, New Zealand

A Pair Of Pants I Can’t Stop Thinking About

A month or so ago I met up with my talented photographer friend Sophie to shoot some clothes for The Shelter. The Shelter is a boutique here in Auckland that sells the most amazing designer collections in town. Think MM6 Maison Margiela, Marques Almeida, Cybele. And completely out of my 25-year-old budget. So obviously, I had a ball styling the shoot. I haven’t actually styled anything since I used to style the Glassons web shoots and I forgot how much I love doing it. It needs to be put at the top of my ‘do more of’ list for 2019. Anyway, I thought I’d start to share some of the outtakes since I loved them so much, they’re so fun. Sophie is a true gem – make sure you check her out here.

Can we also just take a moment for these pants? Both Sophie and I were obsessed with them. I don’t know what it is about oversized pants (no matter how impractical they are) but I can’t stop adding them to my cart. First, it was these black wide-leg pants I took to Melbourne and I’ve shared all over my Instagram, now this pair from Taylor. I need to start a savings account just to fund my obsession. It’s an obsession so strong that even when they rip from dragging on the ground (because you know they will) they’ll still be glued to my body. The fact that they are A. super comfortable and B. they’re actually really flattering with anything cropped, wins over logic any day. You just watch this space – there are many more to feature on the blog yet.


Taylor Jacket

Taylor Pants (Similar Here)

Veja Sneakers

Shot By Sophie Chan Andreassend


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