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Weekly Snaps
Weekly Snaps
The first photo was taken earlier today and it’s safe to say that I’ve surrendered to the weather since, sitting in my oversize hoodie, drinking tea with the heater on full. I went away for the weekend and was lucky enough to be able to soak up hours of overwhelming heat before I came back, and if it wasn’t for an appointment tomorrow I probably wouldn’t have come back. On the plus side, it’s left me with a lot of free time to plan and ponder the future since the end of university really isn’t that far away. Better late than never, here’s the highs and lows of the past week, and what’s to come..

Weekly Snaps


  • This actually only happens about an hour ago, but I was invited to the Otago Polytechnic School of Design graduate show that is happening this friday. Pre-warning: there will be lots of photos from the night up here afterwards, no doubt. 
  • Going and seeing family and friends, also having a normal weekend at home. It’s kind of weird having all the family home since I went to boarding school, and we are all kind of spread out now, so it’s nice to have everyone together every once in a while.
  • Speaking of, we went to my Aunty and Uncles 50th Wedding anniversary and how crazy is that? I feel like my generation will be lucky to make it to 10 years. Call me pessimistic, but commitment isn’t such a commitment anymore, ya know?
  • Post-exam-stress-package-delivery… need I say more?
  • I finally got around to dying the bottom of my hair and giving it a chop AND I didn’t stuff it up. It’s really not that different but I think subtle ombre hair is nice in Summer.


  • This weather, seriously.
  • Summer school started today and I’m already swamped with work..
  • Realising something is over, like, 6 months after it ended and you’re just in denial. I’m just being vague but it kind of sucks in general for something to end before you’re ready for it to. 
  • I read before bed and I always forget to charge my iPad beforehand. This is why actual books are 10000x better.

Weekly Snaps

Weekly Snaps

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