Running Late? Here Are Some Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

With just a week until Christmas Day gifts will definitely be on your mind. Here are some last minute gift ideas so you dont get caught out on the day.

With just a week until Christmas Day gifts will definitely be on your mind. You’ve probably already run out of time to order what you want online and are stressing about running down to the stores. Only to be greeted by queues of people from every direction, of course. I’ll be the first to admit that 80% of my Christmas shopping is done just a few days before. Sure, being organised would be less stressful but where’s the fun in that?

For those of you like me, I put together a guide of presents I think would be great to give and easy to get your hands on before the big day. No delivery stress included. These are products that I have tried and loved and have been stoked to be given in 2019 – and are available in stores nationwide.

Beauty Lover Picks

First stop is Mecca because it’s my favourite. I have been a fan of Mecca and their range of products ever since they arrived in New Zealand. I may be a little bias as one of my best friends used to work there and sell my just about every product in store, but I believe it has the best selection of beauty products for every price range and skin need.

If you want to know more about these products, check out the links below. Each explains it so much better than I ever could but my personal favourites are the NARS Disco Dust Lipstick and the Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit. The lipstick looks like that in real life I swear (no filter needed) and the kit includes everything you’d need for a night time routine – no thinking required.

        1. MECCA Gift Card
        2. Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control™ Night Kit
        3. NARS Disco Dust Lipstick in Debbie
        4. Hourglass Ambient™ Lighting Edit – Ghost
        5. NARS VIP Room Nars Essentials Set
        6. Luna Bronze Heavenly Body Set

NARS Disco Dust Lipstick Debbie

DRUNK ELEPHANT Shelf-Control™ Night Kit


Gifts For The Fancy

Tom Ford is a newer love of mine but it runs deep. I’m yet to find a product I don’t like from them. Last year I thrashed the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Colour in Naked Bronze, and this year it’s these perfumes. They are my absolute favourite right now and believe me when I say, they’re heavily guarded on my shelf. I can’t wait to use this body oil over summer too, it smells incredible and gives your skin the best ‘I’m going out’ shimmer.

        1. Tom Ford Soleil Neige
        2. TF Soleil Neige Shimmering Body Oil
        3. Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous


Practical Stocking Stuffers

I love a good practical gift as much as the next girl, so here are a couple of ones I think would be great no matter the person you’re giving them to.


Designer Wardrobe Voucher

Nail polish to me is always something I won’t buy for myself so it’s great to get as a gift. My favourite brand for these is always Kester Black. With their recent release of matching lipstick, I think both would make for great Christmas gifts.

An Organised Life is a great local New Zealand stationary brand that’s taken a simple product and made it so chic. With all kinds of dairies and notebooks on offer, and even the option for custom embossing, they make for the most practical gift this season. I recently bought myself the new 2020 Diary because I am forcing myself to get organised, as so far it’s my best purchase of the month.

Designer Wardrobe, my favourites, now offer vouchers you can buy so your friends can rent for free. I’m a huge advocate for renting because it’s waste free and you can try so many amazing designs that you can put back at the end of the day (like the green dress above). The DW team are really lovely and are great to deal with, making the process seamless. Who doesn’t love the gift of a new outfit?

On that note: an Envie Cosmetics voucher. I’ve been going to Natalie for the past couple of months to get my eyelash extensions and she’s great. It’s definitely one of those luxuries that you don’t necessarily need but when you get them,  you can’t live without. She offers heaps of other treatments too so I think a voucher would make for a great present.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve used both my Ultimate Ears Boom and Blast. The Blast offers Alexa which is a handy feature and it’s waterproof so basically, ideal for the beach. I take mine everywhere I go with friends and with summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for it.

Lastly Pals drinks. Look, everyone loves a good drink over the holidays and this is top of my list. These have yet to give me a hangover (win) and they’re pretty healthy with just six ingredients. Plus, how great is the packaging? If you’re struggling for a last minute gift idea, this is it.

        1. Kester Black Nail Polish and Lipstick
        2. An Organised Life 2020 Diary
        3. Designer Wardrobe Gift Voucher
        4. Envie Cosmetics Voucher
        5. Ultimate Ears Blast
        6. Pals Drinks

Envie Cosmetics Eyelashes


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