Stolen Inspiration Turns 5!

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I mean, if you want to skip the ramble, the title pretty much covers it. But really, who can resist a good ramble?
I was kind of thinking about how this blog started, and how it came to be such a huge part of my life. The most shocking thing about it all is that it is literally the longest I’ve committed – to anything – in my entire life. Seriously, my longest relationship I’ve ever been in lasted two weeks when I was fourteen and that seemed like an eternity. I guess sometimes it’s the things you stumble into that are the most enjoyable.
(2012 – 2014)

So, five years today (1.6.09) Stolen Inspiration was created; with absolutely no clue about how much it would impact my day to day living. I’ve spent some serious time creating content, that for me is simultaneously entertaining, satisfying and therapeutic. It was never something I intended to share with people I know, even now I can’t talk about it to people without feeling awkward. It’s just one of those weird things where people either (a). don’t understand why the hell I post photos of myself on the internet (and you can just tell they’re picturing a whooole lot of selfies), or (b). have no idea about anything, and therefore ask a million questions. However, after some girls from school stumbled upon it, everyone around me seemed to find out and I quickly became the ‘girl with a blog’.
(2010 – 2011)

If you have a blog yourself, you’ll know it’s hard to imagine the people that actually sit down to read it on the daily. Moreover, it’s completely bazaar that people who have just met me, know who I am because they’ve read it. It has put me in some ‘interesting’ situations: that time that complete strangers stared me down for a good 20 minutes, while trying to take a sneaky photo (I don’t actually know if that was blog related, but it makes the whole ordeal less creepy thinking that it was). Bonus points for those times when you’re on tinder, looking for boys duuh, and you have ‘Stolen Inspiration’ Facebook page in common. Ohhh the stories I could tell you about, but I have to leave something to the imagination.
(Snippets from my trip to Auckland at the start of the year)

Anyway, my point is: Thankyou! 

Without my readership I would never have been given so many opportunities and been able to share so much of myself with you. I mean seriously, my stats say many thousands but I can’t fathom more than my friends reading it. Every single comment is appreciated more than you will ever know; they’re always a nice reminder that I’m not here alone. Thank you to all of you that have liked/followed/put up with my random postings on my social media. And before this starts to sound too much like an acceptance speech, I just wanted to say that despite everything I’ve been through over the past five years: creating my blog was absolutely the best decision I ever made. 
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