• great pics, i've got the first pair of shoes but in the tannish color, love em too!


  • Love this post and the towering platforms, perfection.

    + + + + + + + + + + + +

  • Oooh love the photos!!!
    (I have no plans but uni graduation tomorrow)

  • these images are great, love the first one!

    xoxo, Cassie 🙂

  • Your always post such inspiring images. Always! 😀

  • Those shoes are so amazing! and now im planning on trying to find some like them over the weekend 😛


  • Please someone tell me what the shows are in the first picture???

  • *shoes

  • i want want want those shoes

    i'm planning on drinking peach bellinis and watching a strange movie with a cute boy. then maybe getting some reading in.

  • i like your blog

  • I love the collection of inspiration photos you've posted, these looks are perfect for the summer!

  • Yay to the first pic! I love anything with a bit of sock! xxx

  • Oh so many pieces I'm craving from these photos. Such a soft collection. I want those J-Simpson platforms in the first picture so bad! They look so cute dressed up with a bootie sock.

  • Those Jessica Simpson platforms look really sweet with ruffled socks!

  • nice pictures, especially the first one
    mm… nothing really interesting, I'm hope it will be sunny so I'll be able to go to the beach
    hope you enjoy your weekend

    marley mumbles

  • I had a big fat smile on my face when I read your comment, so sweet!
    Your blog is wonderful, I will be back 🙂


  • im in love with those shoes in the first photo, any idea where theyre from? and thanks for commenting, im following!

    x courtney


  • Beautiful set of pictures here 🙂
    I especially love the first and last ones.
    This weekend will consist of shopping good food and work.
    have a good one!
    Vanilah xx

  • A lovely inspiration selection of photos gorgeous girl. I am so keen on buying some of the Jeffrey Campbell versions of those wooden platforms, aren't they just amazing?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too, I'm loving yours! xoxo


  • these photos blew me away, especially the first and last ones.

  • beautiful photos! i just love all the lace 🙂 have a lovely weekend ♥

  • I love every picture. Good job on stealing inspiration!

  • Jessica S. pumps! *heart*
    Fabulous photos. 🙂

  • Love the heel & sock combo. Beautiful pictures. Hope you have a great weekend xx

  • looove this shoes!♥
    lovely blog!


  • I love all these photos! And I crave the shoes in the first one:)

  • great selection.I wish I could pull off the thing on the first pic;)


  • Wow, I never really liked those Jessica Simpson platforms until I saw the first photo! Gorgeous! Love the shape and height!


  • Oh and I'm so glad you're back, I'm sorry that I've missed a few posts!