The Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag + Life Update


Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag | NZ Fashion Blog 7

A few weeks ago I was kindly leant the Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag to take for a spin, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve never owned a designer bag, never felt the need to invest a small fortune into a luxury item. Probably because any spare money I had was sitting there waiting for me to buy myself a car (which only took two years to finally bite the bullet). I’m terrible when it comes to spending money on myself. If it’s a flight, no problem, but a designer bag? The idea always felt a little too indulgent – until now.


Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag

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I’ve unashamedly been taking this bag with me wherever I go because it’s made so damn well. Everything from the heavy-duty leather, to the clever twist LV design, makes it feel like you can enjoy it without being too precious. The fact that this bag is entirely black means that it’s subtle enough to go with any outfit no matter how dressy and in that way, makes it the ultimate accessory. If you’re in the market for designer anything I think a bag is the smartest way to go. Or shoes. They’re both timeless.

Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag | NZ Fashion Blog 7Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag | NZ Fashion Blog 7

In other news, I’m slowly trying to get back into the groove of blogging. With the recent second lockdown here in New Zealand, I’ve been struggling to stay inspired. I put this down to being stuck in my house 24/7 from work to play which is never good for my mental state. I basically called time on it all when I went to Wanaka last week for my birthday just to give my inner dialogue [read: self criticism] a break. Now that restrictions have relaxed and the days are stretching, I’ve been trying to walk after work and get away from the computer when I can to give my mind a minute. I still have a mountain of work to catch up on but the thought of it doesn’t make me want to curl up in bed and hide anymore. Baby steps.

If you’re feeling anything like I have been my suggestion is to find podcasts to listen to. I’ve been enjoying sinking my mind into different topics, from business to beauty, while I work to keep my brain distracted. I think it’s too easy to let each day slip by when there’s nothing to look forward to, no events to attend, so any extra stimulation helps. Plus, it’s so easy to pass the boring day-to-day with a little background noise. On that note, I hope you’re all keeping safe and well – it’s such a hard and mysterious time in all our lives and the best thing to focus on right now is our mental health.

Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag | NZ Fashion Blog 7 Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag | NZ Fashion Blog 7

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