My Top Autumn & Winter Wardrobe Staples That Aren’t Boring

Since we’ve hit the postmark of the colder months being signed, sealed and delivered – I’ve decided to show you up top new season staples that aren’t boring.

Saboskirt Nubia Top, Witchery Knee High Boots, Ruby Shorts | NZ Fashion Blog 18

I’m finally (FINALLY) ready to admit that summer is over. I haven’t left the house without a jacket in the past week – the postmark of the colder months being signed, sealed and delivered. So here I am, already curled up in bed at 6 pm trawling through ASOS looking for some good winter bargains. Cold Auckland villas you are no fun. But fun I am determined to have – in my not-as-boring new wardrobe.


Saboskirt Nubia Top (Similar Here, Here And Here)

Witchery Morgan Boots (Similar Here And Here)

Ruby Embroidered Shorts (Similar Here and Here)

Deadly Ponies Chain Bag (Similar Here And Here)

Luv Aj Hoop Earrings (Similar Here)

Saboskirt Nubia Top, Witchery Knee High Boots, Ruby Shorts | NZ Fashion Blog 3

Saboskirt Nubia Top, Witchery Knee High Boots, Ruby Shorts | NZ Fashion Blog 14

If you are anything like me layering is usually code word for “pile on anything that is warm (and clean)”. I’ve been recycling the same coats for a good two-three years now which makes me equally proud as I am sad. When did fashion become boring for 6 months of the year? Who really wants to be told to buy another damn oversized coat? This year though I’m going to break old habits and make a damn effort to have a solid 11 months of the year. One bad one ’cause there are no highs without the lows, you know?

I believe the key to making a more exciting wardrobe is not going for comfort as a default. Think Beyonce attitude with added practicality. If you have to freeze for 30 seconds between bars in your Friday night crawl SO BE IT. Look, at least you’ll look hot doing it. So with that in mind, I’ve already set out to stock up on both fun and practical pieces that don’t make me feel like I’m falling asleep at the wheel.

My first piece was an obvious choice: interesting long-sleeved tops. As soon as I first saw Saboskirt release their Nubia top I knew I had to have it. Channelling those Zimmerman vibes with the embroidery, high neck and long sleeves. I feel like this ticks all the boxes for a fraction of the price. So easy to style too – no bra needed ladies, it’s completely open at the back. Looks a million bucks layered with a coat too: high neck peaking through and gold hoops = such a statement. It really does make all the difference if you wear a top that’s a little extra – anything from black pants to high waisted jeans is a win.

My next statement piece is, of course, the knee-high boot. I had eyed up the snake-skin version from Mango a while back. But after 4 sold out notifications to my email inbox I decided maybe they were a little extra, even for me. These black leather Morgan boots from Witchery are a much more versatile investment and my absolute new favourite. They’re such a great height. Not high enough to make your feet cry by the end, not too low as to make your legs look ‘nearly there’. Since this style is looser at the top you can swap shorts and dresses out for jeans when the weather is giving you hell. Bonus: they’re on sale right now! Go – get.

And for the grand finale: a chain leather bag. If you’re from New Zealand you’d know how popular the brand Deadly Ponies is. Known for their beautiful leather bags, they’ve become a local cult favourite. I bit the $400 bullet earlier in the year because I finally found one with that added extra: a gold chain. I can’t tell you how good this looks in person even with a boring outfit. It’s basically the body equivalent of gold hoops that never goes out of style. So with that, I 100% stand by my purchase no matter how much my wallet hated me for it.

So there you have it, my not-so-boring warm staples. I hope you like these photos too I’m kind of obsessed with this outfit in whole and think JJ did an amazing job as my stand in photographer. It’s crazy how much better you feel when you make an effort to dress better. Definitely my favourite city in New Zealand and season. Look I’m not saying I’m a fan of the cold but we can enjoy it a little, can’t we?


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