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New Years Fashion Blogger Post
2014 has been quite the ride and I can’t quite believe it’s nearly over. The year has been full of mixed emotions and memories. The last few days have been probably some of the best I’ve had and so, I’m looking forward to the New Year to start fresh once again. It’s crazy to think of all that has happened, but at the same time, it feels like nothing at all. An end of an era, everyone is parting ways in 2015 and so it’s bittersweet, but exciting to think of all the adventures to come. So with that said, I’m going to run you through some (not so) important things I learnt in 2014. Happy New Year!

New Years Fashion Blogger Post

14 things I learnt in 2014

1. Do what makes you happy, even when others don’t support it. At the end of the day, no one else really cares what you’re doing, they’re just worried about themselves.

2. You become who you hang around. If they’re negative, you’ll eventually become the same so it’s important to be picky.

3. Life’s too short to ask what if. New experiences help you grow as a person and your comfort zone isn’t getting you anywhere.

4. Don’t ignore problems between friends. Addressing the issue (calmly) is 1000 times better than letting it play on your mind until it’s unfixable.

5. Take some time. Trying to keep up with everyone/thing/event/whatever will leave you high and dry, it’s okay to recharge.

6. Don’t get caught up in other peoples lives. They won’t see your view, and they don’t have to.

7. Family are there when you need them. I’m the first to admit my family dynamic isn’t perfect, but they’ve been there when it mattered the most this year and I’m so lucky for it.

8. Friends are the family you choose. If you let them, they’ll be as close as anyone else, and it’s worth it.

9. Enjoy the little things. Maddie, Leah and I have had the funniest few days just laughing at the smallest things and we’ve had the best time – you really don’t need a lot to enjoy life.

10. Don’t stress about things you can’t change. It will make you miserable and still doesn’t make a difference to the situation.

11. Unplug when you can. A detox is a detox, and I’m the first to admit I spend far too much time using technology. Reading a book is just as, if not more, entertaining than a show on TV.

12. Appreciate what you have. It’s easy to overlook what you have for the things you don’t, so it’s important to realize how lucky you are.

13. Book are really great distraction. Might just be me, but it’s pretty easy to become invested in a book and more than likely, a welcome distraction from the stress of University.

14. Wear what you like. Life’s too short to care what others think about something so trivial.

So with that, hope you all have a great New Years Eve and welcome in the new year with the best company – enjoy! x

New Years Fashion Blogger Post

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