Weekly Recap #14


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I feel like it’s starting to be a pretty common practice from me to say something along the lines of “this week has been so busy” so I’m going to switch it up by saying that the past 7 days have felt like 20. I guess university life was pretty laid back and working full time is an adjustment, but I just don’t get what I ever spent my time doing now that I don’t have it free. Who knows? Probably too much Netflix and online shopping. Anyway, while I still try to get my head around the 8-5 working hours, here is a recap of the week…

  • I really enjoy my job. I’ve had a couple of late nights lately, and sitting here on a Sunday night and not dreading the thought of getting up early tomorrow morning sounds to me like a pretty good sign to me.
  • Burger Burger has been the highlight of my sunday night.
  • BuzzFeed Food is a page you should like on Facebook because the recipes that pop up are always many shades of bad but sooo good, this looks yummm.
  • I’ve been put out of my comfort zone meeting a heap of new people in Auckland this past week and pretty much thrown in the deep end, not knowing if I’m ever doing anything right at work but it’s exactly what I needed. Being too comfortable is boring.
  • Top Gear’s last episode, Kelsey and I lost the plot watching it.
  • This baby came home with me, it was lust at first sight. Sooo good.


  • Looking for a flat… it’s sooooo hard to find anywhere. Someone take me in!
  • So sleepy…
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