Weekly Recap #17



Woooow, I did not realise I had done so many of these posts already. I guess you do what you enjoy the most right? I kind of like sharing a little re-cap of my weeks since I can look back and see, even months from now, how so much has changed. When I think back on how the week started I could say the same thing I guess. So since it’s Sunday, here’s my highs and lows of the week (there were a lot of highs) – enjoy.



  • It’s actually so nice to have my Dad here to move me into my house. I also don’t think you really appreciate your parents personalities until your older and it’s funny we have so much in common e.g. adventuring, rugby and wines.
  • I’ve had Omen by Disclosure and Sam Smith on repeat, so so good.
  • I stayed in the Pullman hotel last night here in Auckland and I’d definitely recommend – from the awesome music they had in the lobby to the ridiculous view it ticks all my boxes. Plus, they have these mini jam jars if you get the breakfast that are so cute. Oh and baths.
  • We went to Cafe Hanoi last night and after a 20 minute wait (and a drink at another bar) it was soo worth it. I definitely recommend the prawn dishes.
  • Opportunities reminding you that the work is actually worth it.
  • Talking to strangers. Last night Dad and I chatted to this couple and it just reminds me that everyone has a story but if you don’t ask you’ll never know.
  • Closure, for sure.




  • When you limit yourself for no reason instead of just seeing what happens.
  • Not enough sleep.
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