Weekly Recap #25

This week kind of flew by in a “wait, it’s Friday tomorrow!?” type way.

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This week kind of flew by in a “wait, it’s Friday tomorrow!?” type way. While I swear I’ve been moaning about how cold the weather has been and how slow time is going, now that it’s actually warm I’m kind of freaking out – can you believe that Christmas is next month? Craaaazy. Anyway, I’ve had the most lazy Sunday of my life but at least it means you get a blog post on time. Enjoy another highs and lows of my week…



  • This week has been a good one in general after last weeks disaster e.g. my death cold. I thought it was just that the ‘honeymoon’ period of working life had worn off but luckily that’s not the case. I guess that’s always going to be a thing – highs and lows of work, ya know?
  • I have lots of exciting things coming up and one potentially super exciting trip. Yeah I’m going to be that person and be really secretive but you should follow me on snapchat (kendraalexandra) to get some sneaky previews.
  • Petit Bocal cafe is my new favourite – order a latte and you’ll get the cutest animal foam thing. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m really selling it but it’s super cute.
  • My flatmate and I went up Mount Eden in Auckland for Guy Fawkes and it was sooo cool. The view from there is amazing at night with all the lights and fireworks – definitely recommend going up there at night if you’re ever in the area.
  • The Finlay & Co sunglasses in the images above (you can find them here). They’ve kind of been glued to my face all week since they are light enough to wear inside and I’m lazy like that.
  • Sugar – Robin Schulz because the original song is an old school favourite so I’m all for it being back on the radio.
  • I want NEED these shoes so badly – Senso why you not agree with my bank account?




  • Seriously need to work out more.
  • Not having a car is kind of driving me crazy.
  • VERTIGO. I’ve been getting it soo badly from being sick and it’s horrible.
  • Auckland, you make it sooo hard to save money.
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