Weekly Recap #34

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When you can’t wait for Monday to be over, you know it’s a sign you had a pretty big weekend. That and the fact that I’m sitting here trying to recall last Monday but failing pretty badly as the days all merge together into some distance blur. I thought when I started working full time that it would give me more structure to my days but it seems to have just made them a more confusing mix of ‘trying to fit everything into a short 24 hours before waking up and starting all over again’. So to make up for my lack of memory, here’s the highs and lows of the past week or so.


  • My new layout obviously has to be one, Sophia did an amazing job!
  • Caught up with Ariel with Heather and Caitlin at Cali last week for wines and nibbles. Hanging out on a “school night” is my no. 1 tip for making the week pass by quicker, and I got to do it with the best company after an eventful Tuesday at work.
  • Technically it wasn’t in the past week, but last weekend JJ and I went to Foxtrot Parlour to finally try their famous injectable doughnuts. We sat outside and literally everyone who walked past stopped, admired and ended by saying something along the lines of “H*ly sh*t that looks amazing, we have to go get one!!”
  • Yeah, everything is based around food but, who cares. Sam and I went to Wagamama after working together one day and I honestly don’t know how I haven’t been back since I lived in Wellington – so bloody amazing.
  • Caitlin forcing me to exercise which I forget I actually enjoy – up Mt Eden is our current lunch time port of call.
  • They – Motley Crue (Whiiite Remix) and Cold – Drax Project ON REPEAT.
  • Okay so Brigit and I had been eyeing up the Adidas Originals for ever (obviously) and decided we were going to get them, only for them to be all sold out again – only to find out that the kids sized shoes fit us (I’m a 7 1/2) and they’re only $80. LIFE HACK.


  • Having to deal with adult things e.g. banks.
  • Kind of feel like I’ve run a marathon except I haven’t and I’m just sooo tired. Yup.
  • Getting involved with others problems by trying to do a favour for someone else – ugh.
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