Weekly Recap #41

Stavanger in Norway has been a pleasant whirlwind experience. From amazing scenic hikes with giant waterfalls, to white houses with colourful flowers – it has it all.

Stavanger, Norway | Stolen Inspiration Fashion Blog
Stavanger, Norway | Stolen Inspiration Fashion Blog New Zealand
Stavanger, Norway | Stolen Inspiration Fashion Blog New Zealand

While my visit to Stavanger started off very relaxed, it’s become a bit of a whirlwind. I think the change of pace was needed to cure the “itchy feet” and the dread I felt when I thought I was taking this place for granted. It’s strange going from place to place every two days to staying somewhere for two weeks, trust me. Must be a travelling thing? Anyway, tomorrow is a planned ‘life admin’ day and hopefully I can get some more content organised so I don’t have so many big posting gaps because I hate knowing I have them.

Stavanger, Norway | Stolen Inspiration Fashion Blog New Zealand
Stavanger, Norway | Stolen Inspiration Fashion Blog New Zealand | Preikestolen, Pulpit Rock

  • Yesterday I conquered the Insta-famous Kjeragbolten hike, or ‘the bolt’. The weather was crap, we got lost several times because the fog was so thick but it was the best hike I’ve ever done. Luckily it did actually clear once we headed back (typical) because the views were killer. I feel like solo hiking is kind of rewarding in itself just to feel like you’ve achieved a milestone on your own. It honestly was the best damn thing. I also did Pulpit Rock today, so good. Norway you win.
  • I came to Norway expecting to visit a lifelong (basically family) friend that I’ve know mostly through emails and letters over the years, but I never expected to feel so at home on the other side of the world. Nina is the best host and I’m ridiculously lucky to have her.
  • Sneaky free rides and ferrys.. Shh. I’m a poor tourist. Kidding, it wasn’t my fault.
  • Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque is literally the best thing ever (here & here). Tried the tester and now I NEED the real thing. Perfect for when your skin needs a good deep cleaning e.g. while travelling.
  • Did I mention hiking?
  • Oh and old Stavanger (see picture of cute AF rose bush house)
  • Hurts So Good by Astrid S – it keeps playing on the radio here on repeat and I’m liking itttt.
  • SMASH. Omg, if you’re in Norway you need it. Chocolate covered snack that’s salty and sweet and just heavenly. It’s the best.
  • Also, if you’re here a must is the trip down Lysefjord because it’s bloody stunning. Yeah, okay, everything is here.


  • My skin has decided to sh*t itself. Too graphic? I’m serious though, RIP good skin – I miss my cleansers from home.
  • People today hiking. Yes, so many tourists but really, do you have to stand your whole family in the line blocking the track while you sort your life out?
  • Maybe I should just put inconsiderate people.
  • I’m siiiick, boo.
  • Need some new music. Plus my Spotify account has expired ?
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