I’ve been home 2 and a bit months now and I’m well and truly getting “itchy” feet. I’m ready to make my next move and I can’t wait to finally do it

St-Clair Dunedin | Stolen Inspiration Fashion Blog New ZealandCinque-Terre-WalkI’ve been home 2 and a bit months now and I’m well and truly getting “itchy” feet. I’m ready to make my next move and I can’t wait to finally do it. No regrets, no matter how scary it is to start all over again, again. This week has been about packing up my stuff in preparation, as well as getting ready for a little trip I’m doing next week which I can’t wait for. Time is running out very quickly for me to get organised though, so without further ado here’s my highs and lows of the week.


  • It was (finally) hot this morning so Leah and I went to the beach to get coffee, which also everyone else in town decided to do to. The beach is my favourite place here though, so it’s all good.
  • Successfully given my life over to Gilmore Girls because I can’t. stop. watching. I’d never watched it before and like all great obsessions, I discovered it hung over one day on Netflix.
  • I found Toffee Bon Bons on SALE in New World.
  • Like I said, I’m going to move again. After moving around so much I’m ready to set up camp for a while. AND, invest in some actual room decor.
  • Anderson .Paak has been playing on my Spotify pretty much 24/7. I know I’m a little late to this one, I kind of just forgot about him until I needed something to listen while packing. Also, I can listen to it while I write which is something pretty rare.
  • I got some seedy looking, David Bain-esk sunglasses on Ebay and I am hooked. They make everything super bright which is good in New Zealand’s non-existent summer.
  • The ridiculous response to my giveaway, it’s been crazy. So, thank you! And you still have another two days to enter if you want to.
  • Looking through my Europe photos. I can’t believe it all happened in a short 6 months. It’s so nice to look back at photos I took in a second and be reminded of exactly how I felt at that moment. Also, Happy Birthday Shelby!


  • I still have so much work to do before I go away this week, but so little time.
  • How expensive it is for me to fly to Auckland vs. pretty much anywhere overseas. I mean 19 Euro flight from Brussels to Bulgaria, but an hour flight is close to $200?
  • I need to go to the doctor but finding the time is hard. Or maybe it’s just because I keep putting it off.
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