Welcoming Change


Stolen Inspiration’s layout has changed again – wahoo! You know I’m all for a change but I have been thinking about this one for a while. I miss when I could post random little updates and well as full on detailed post telling you my life story. I felt like with only four posts on a page every post had to be thought out and “official” I guess. So, I decided to change my layout to give you (and myself) the best of both worlds.

Now not only can you see a lot more of my posts on one page, I’ll also post favourite videos and images in short posts. Sharing is caring and in this way I can share a lot more of a range with you and *drum roll* a lot more regularly!

I’m aiming to post every second day at least (and I’m writing it on here so I stick to my word). I’m also going to be sending out monthly emails with fashion and travel content, as well as giveaways, so make sure you sign up!


Ps. you can find where to add your email for the newsletter on the left of this post.