• this is so lovely… I love her hair and glasses =)

  • Amazing photo shoot
    love it!

  • yuum
    i love the way the girl is wearing her hair with the hat and all


  • I love the pink vs blonde, always a hit.

  • i love it! i want to bleach blue some strands of my hair this summer but it's brown so it most likely will NOT look as good as this 🙁

    great pictures!

  • love it!

  • That jacket (shirt?) in the second photo is amazing!

  • aweeesome

  • omg omg omg! i want them all!!!

  • Gosh, I want pastel in my hair !!! So badly !

  • makes me want to color my hair so badly.

  • gaah i want to do this to my hair.
    love everything you post
    stop by some time xx

  • B


  • I love your post titles. Very unique and inspiring.

    xx Diana

  • wow she must have like the coolest hair ever!
    Great pictures!

  • bloody jesus christ! baby, i just found that photo of me on someone elses blog! haha gave me a fricken heart attack! ps. hope vietnam is treating you well 🙂

  • where are these shirts from?! HOLY SHIT I WANT!!